Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is S-10 BS-NANOBALL?

It is a ceramic ball with Nano Technology. It acts as emission reducing catalyst for use in vehicle fuel tank to save fuel and minimize air pollution. It catalytically reformulates the fuel molecules for optimal combustion and resultant increase in engine output and emission control.

Q) What is the difference between a fuel catalyst and an additive?

An additive is dissolved in fuel and consumed resulting in effectiveness being short term. A fuel catalyst remains intact without being dissolved or becoming a part of the fuel oil during or after its interaction with it. Thus, the catalyst itself is not consumed or in any way affected while catalytically reconditioning the fuel for optimal combustibility.

Q) What type of engines will benefit from the use of S-10 BS-NANOBALL?

The catalyst works effectively on any gasoline or diesel powered engines. They include passenger cars, trucks, buses, marine equipment, farm machinery, stationery pumps and generators.

Q) Does S-10 BS-NANOBALL require regular maintenance?

No, it is maintenance-free device.

Q) What is the lifecycle of S-10 BS-NANOBALL?

S-10 BS-NANOBALL product is guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of three (3) years from the date of installation. Manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace any failed or defective device. This warranty does not cover, however, damages resulting from collision, abuse and improper installation. Return the defective device along with dated proof of purchase to the distributor from which the device was purchased so that the distributor may handle your warranty claim in an expeditious manner. The manufacturer warrants that the installation of S-10 BS-NANOBALL on a vehicle will not cause the emissions noncompliance of the engine on which it is installed for the life of the catalyst from the date of installation.

Q) How do I install S-10 BS-NANOBALL into the fuel tank?

For most of diesel vehicles, simply drop S-10 BS-NANOBALL into fuel tank through fueling hole.For small diesel or all gasoline vehicles, we recommend use of the fuel pump hole on the fuel tank. The locations of fuel pump on the fuel tanks vary with vehicles according to their makes and designs.

Q) What are the primary ingredients of S-10 BS-NANOBALL?

Silicon dioxide, Aluminum oxide, Iron oxide, Manganese dioxide and Silver.

Q) Is S-10 BS-NANOBALL harmful to human body?

It is NOT unless swallowed. S-10 BS-NANOBALL is environmentally friendly and contains no harmful substance for human and skin. Caution : Always keep it from reach of children.

Q) How long is the lapse of time from drop-in of S-10 BS-NANOBALL in the fuel tank to the time when the catalyst begins to fully function?

The entire fuel in a tank gets catalytically retreated and ready within an hour.

Q) Does S-10 BS-NANOBALL function properly from day one? Does S-10 BS-NANOBALL require any break-in period?

Depending on the age and condition of the engine, S-10 BS-NANOBALL entails varying degrees of break-in periods. On average, a vehicle with normal engine condition may require a lapse of approximately 10 operating hours or somewhat longer of acclimation of the vehicle combustion system to the workings of S-10 BS-NANOBALL. During the break-in period S-10 BS-NANOBALL will help clean any excess carbon and resins from the engine and fuel system.

Q) Can we use S-10 BS-NANOBALL with fuel injection cleaner?


Q) Are there vehicles for which use of S-10 BS-NANOBALL is not recommended?

S-10 BS-NANOBALL is not recommended for vehicles with rotary engines.

Q) Is S-10 BS-NANOBALL compatible with a Catalytic Converter?

Yes. Its catalytic enhancement of engine combustibility will actually augment by lessening the emission control burden on the catalytic converter.

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