To make your gifts more outstanding and more personal

we provide the following services:


A process that uses a separate screen for each colour, building a rich a vibrant image on the surface of the gifts.

Available for most types of gifts (Available for most types of surfaces).

Computer Engraving

An artwork is first digitized and stored in a computer. Using the computer to control the engraving machine the digitized artwork will be engraved onto the gifts.

Available for gifts that have surfaces which can be cut (e.g. metal surface).

Laser Engraving

Laser engravers are computer programed to generate crisp, accurate replication of your artwork.

Available for Zippo products only.

Etch And Paint

A reversed image is silk-screened on the Zippo product with an acid-resistant paint. Leaving exposed only the areas to be etched, the product is dipped in an acid bath, which etches all unprotected areas. Paint colours are screened one at a time into the etched cavities, resulting in a colourful graphic that is permanently defined in the surface.

Available for Zippo products only.

Luster Etch

The procedure for luster etch is the same as etch and paint through the acid bath. No colours are used for luster etch; instead, the product is etched and then plated. Skillful hand or machine buffing defines the high and low areas of the design to create a subtle dimensional effect.

Available for Zippo products only.

Etched Epoxy

The etched epoxy process combines the durability of luster etch with the beauty of surface imprint on the same brass product. A portion of the design is etched, and the product is plated. The remainder of the design is then screened one colour at a time with a durable epoxy paint. The resulting design complements the crisp, clear lines of luster etch with the beautiful colour-on-colour look of surface imprint.

Available for Zippo products only.

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